wire work

atelier B 760 x 428 copie.jpg

My animals are made with steel wire. (several wire sizes)

I only use a few pairs of pliers.

The wire color is matt black or matt grey.

I am an animal wire creator and I am also an illustrator.

For these wire animals, first I look at real animals or photos, then I draw them.

After drawing, I watch videos and I memorize their shape and their movement until I feel these animals.

When I am ready, fabrication is easy, it happens by itself. I have the impression the animals lead me.

I hope you feel my love for these animals and I can share it with you.

*Each piece is unique. There will be a little difference compared to the pictures.

Contact me if you want to see the exact object you will get.

atelier A 760 x 428 copie.jpg

started wire working long ago.

I like drawing with one line only, without lifting the pen (or pencil).

One day, I tried it with steel wire and then I wanted to make three dimensional wire animals.

I noted 3D animals were more alive and more present than 2D wire work.

Furthermore, I find my animals lovely.

I don’t know whether real animals are lovely but they live (or survive) simply. They are beautiful and wonderful !

Above all, I am a fan of nature and especially a fan of animals.

baleine blue sky760 x 428.jpg