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jewelry, wire work

Welcome and thank you for your visit.
Dive into the world of lovely animals and great nature.


I was born in Tokyo and I came to France for my studies. I work as an illustrator.
I like drawing with one line only, without lifting the pen (or pencil).
One day, I tried it with steel wire and then I wanted to make three dimensional wire animals.

And...another day, I visited a jewelry workshop and I started jewelry creation. I create as I draw. Sometimes I create as if I gift a beautiful dress to a stone or as if I gift a beautiful shape to a little silver plate !!

Otherwise, I have two web sites at Etsy

*wire work and illustrations : AnimalBookbyKaori

*jewelry : KaoriSouvignet

But you can find more objects on this site. If you want to have more explanation, please send me an e-mail.

Thank you !! 

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